Pallet Testing

Stacking, Racking,  Point Load, Drop and Forklift Tyne Impact testing to the AS 4068 and ISO methods.

You will receive a comprehensive certificate detailing the testing performed, specifications, and relevant observations of your product.

Failure analysis
Should your product fail at any stage of testing, rest assured our engineers will provide guidance on the next steps.

Ongoing support
In our mission to provide you with a premium service, we commit to providing complimentary and continual support for any pallet-related inquiries and guidance.

How does this benefit you?

Quality Assurance

By testing pallets, you can ensure that your customers receive high-quality and reliable pallets. This helps prevent issues such as pallet breakage, product damage, and unstable loads during transportation or storage.

Cost Savings

Testing pallets helps identify potential weaknesses or defects early on. By addressing these issues proactively, you can prevent pallet failures, reduce product loss, and minimize the risk of accidents or injuries. This translates into cost savings for your customers by avoiding downtime, product replacements, and associated expenses.


Pallets are often subject to specific industry standards and regulations. By testing your pallets, you can ensure they meet these requirements, minimizing the risk of non-compliance penalties and ensuring smooth operations within the supply chain.


Pallet testing allows you to evaluate different pallet options and determine which type or design works best for your customers’ specific needs. By offering insights into load capacity, durability, and compatibility with handling equipment, you can help your customers select the most suitable pallets for their operations, enhancing efficiency and reducing potential risks.

Test Methods:


Australian Standard AS 4068 Flat pallets for materials handling

ISO 8611 Pallets for materials handling

Falcon Test Engineers


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